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Nursing Informatics Now 2.0

Hosted by
Fatima Gatela, BSN, RN-BC
February 6th | 15:00 PST | Show in my timezone

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Take the FIRST STEP in your Nursing Informatics career journey.

At this FREE webinar, you will have access to:

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Full of practical, real-world information that can help you get started on your own NI career path. I will also be sharing some exciting info about my upcoming Nursing Informatics Now Bootcamp!

LIVE Q&A with me for 20 - 25 minutes after the presentation

This is an opportunity for you to get answers to burning questions you've been wanting to ask a Nursing Informatics practitioner who has worked in this specialty for over a decade.

Receive My "Essential Skills for Informatics Nurses" Tip Sheet

This tip sheet helps you start assessing whether you have the requisite skills for Informatics Nursing roles so you can create a strategic plan for filling in any gaps.

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Fatima Gatela, BSN, RN-BC

Nursing Informatics Advocate and Career Strategist

I’m a naturalized citizen who immigrated to the USA when I was 30 years old.

I don’t have a Master’s degree in Nursing Informatics.

When I started out, I didn’t have any connections in the Nursing Informatics world and had no one to guide me.

But I didn't make those challenges stop me from reaching my dream of becoming an Informatics Nurse.

♦ I'll be celebrating 11 years as an Informatics Nurse in June this year!

♦ I've had the opportunity to work at some of the finest academic medical centers in the U.S.

♦ I've presented a poster at the Nursing Informatics Symposium at HIMSS Global Conference and Exposition.

♦ I was able to work as a Consultant for several years, which gave me the ability to work from anywhere (WFA) and the opportunity to spend significant time at home during my daughter's key formative years.

♦ I have coached or mentored other nurses in Nursing Informatics.

Ten years ago, I was in a situation similar to where you are today.

I was an ICU nurse in a large and highly-respected academic center. I loved my job and my colleagues. 

But somehow I felt that I could do something more – I wanted to work in a career where I could make a difference in patients' lives and help other clinicians, while at the same time use more of my natural strengths, abilities, and interests.

I wanted to switch to a career in Nursing Informatics, but I just didn’t know where to start.

Then I took the first step, and began an amazing journey that surpassed even my own imagination.

Since then, I’ve worked as:

 ♦ An electronic health record (EHR) Application Analyst at a wonderful academic medical center in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   

 ♦ A Project Consultant at one of the top five academic medical centers in the U.S., and able to work from anywhere (WFA) for up to 80% of the time.   

 ♦ A Health Information Program Manager with expertise in medical record regulatory standards and policy, managing a portfolio of more than 100 Nursing-related compliance reports and coordinating multiple enterprise-wide committees, projects, and work groups that all work together to ensure optimal health information integrity for the organization.


Learn from my experience from more than a decade navigating and mastering this specialty!

February 6th
15:00 PST